Monday, October 23, 2017

Fantasic Fantacies

World built on
With ideas of
Extreme beliefs
Continues from
Who really knows
The ideas seem to plummet
Not leaving room
For balance
From w/in yourself if individuals cont. to be about my side
Who then allows others
To understand
The fanatical foundation built for and why
Feelings were involved
For the fight of realization
Forming Fantastic Fantacies
That still
Exclude ALL
For the sake of many fanatics
Wanting their once established way
Soon to be broken up
Seeping back into that holes of mines.
Being Born
Every second
Opening up to see
Allowing breakouts to happen

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Back & Forth

Come foring yourself
Sounds alot like personal strife
Therefore; we chose the accessibility of comforting yourself
Viewing yourself by both sides in that mirror you put on the shelf
Pulling yourself out of oblivion
Confronting your strife w/in
So shallow for so many
It begins with the ALL in you
People in turmoil required to literally access someone else's shoes
The dilemmas caused to ourselves were it not been for our foes
Comforting all our energies
Front & Back images
Ourselves have been counted as survived
Put your book out their open for others view as so
While you end up growing
Coming for a viewing yourself.
Begging to understand who owns that mirror now
Which requirements of humanity (common sense)
I need to not begin
But come for as access to my overstandings
Not only a few but you.
Who I see both sides daily.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Not forgetting

While the pirates defend their shore
A house of millions cards slowly fall w/out hesitation
Draining of the swamp
When trumpet was blown
Energies of yesterdays fish rushing on shore
Death of life's requirements
Rather it be water
Lack of oxygen
Either way it goes
The montra was blown outta proportion
How you gonna stop the ride of many ships in the game?
You being the "lead"
The trumpet has rocked us with those repeated montras.
Do we mean what we preach?
Are we aware of the sworn swamp that's to be?
Ability to refuse reason of gusting air
Otta nowhere
for folks to go.
DC still draining 'that' swamp.
Ritualistic energy can make for a disgusting task.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Lost Stats

Cats sit on tactics
To uphold and serve
Preservative filled foods
That last forever
Kept & seen @ times
Shows of how could this be
Statistics show
How tics show up
Sounds fast going down the railroad
But never ending up
Your the provider of the number noise
Just sit and wait
It'll be coming through 4 you soon.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mental Disruption

The story of seeing through
Living through life
Throughout given time
Its taken time to tell it
As the beginning of...
Told as somewhat crazy eclectic
Always spoken as to have or not to have
Knowledge given as a branch to build your tree
Into the foundation has been forged
Yet over & over as time changes
The jails messengers has overcame
To be known
The place where crazy enough
Time is spent to build yourself
Finding out it's true NOW
No such thing as a life @ times
When ur end has been
Locked up in your mind
For life to be lived crazily.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gimme a Break

I hear u/ say, "I got mine
Now I don't care to have morals,"
I look at you
Looking at mine
And you got America made
On my back factual known
Did I receive any thanks for the sweat
Tears still stain
No helpers for my revitalization
Just trust damaged rightfully so
Then I hear suck it up
That was then and now is now
Ok my morals
Have been passed down
From the contaminated shit that holds me down
Fertilization mysteriously still not given
To begin anew my crops beginnings.