Monday, March 28, 2016

Lost Stats

Cats sit on tactics
To uphold and serve
Preservative filled foods
That last forever
Kept & seen @ times
Shows of how could this be
Statistics show
How tics show up
Sounds fast going down the railroad
But never ending up
Your the provider of the number noise
Just sit and wait
It'll be coming through 4 you soon.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mental Disruption

The story of seeing through
Living through life
Throughout given time
Its taken time to tell it
As the beginning of...
Told as somewhat crazy eclectic
Always spoken as to have or not to have
Knowledge given as a branch to build your tree
Into the foundation has been forged
Yet over & over as time changes
The jails messengers has overcame
To be known
The place where crazy enough
Time is spent to build yourself
Finding out it's true NOW
No such thing as a life @ times
When ur end has been
Locked up in your mind
For life to be lived crazily.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gimme a Break

I hear u/ say, "I got mine
Now I don't care to have morals,"
I look at you
Looking at mine
And you got America made
On my back factual known
Did I receive any thanks for the sweat
Tears still stain
No helpers for my revitalization
Just trust damaged rightfully so
Then I hear suck it up
That was then and now is now
Ok my morals
Have been passed down
From the contaminated shit that holds me down
Fertilization mysteriously still not given
To begin anew my crops beginnings. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fun vs No Fun

The problem is
We only express the adjective
In front
Certain type of relationship.
The objective
Never being known
Always other ways to view
How we gon
Work out these abs
Up & down he man style
Round and bout a circle I wanna be in
New day adjective
Whatever your heart felt for a time
Thinking this in stone
No layer/foundation/communication exchanged.
The problem being
It fell through
After all was figured.
What the meant tasted like to you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I like what I'm like. Is that harsh?

How is a Dictator digested?
Looking to be soft so we hope
But the harsh discipline w/ a whip
Makes to skin edible even sometimes literally
Looking up again to see
The new that dictates
Do we like your dictator?
What's the deal with mine?
Who I looked upon to be loaded
Loaded with my personal liking's
No chez for me
of course no pork
Now chives are al natural
Yours could be short or mega in length
All about your taste
for your dictator
Of the century
Basically should have
Soft insides
Skin that changes being done and undone
Always grown
Looking to be one of your own.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Twist it out

Watching me
Always doing some things
Worth the attention
Not have the unload capacity
Just beat out controversial
Lights shining onto
Colors depending on how the as comes out.
Blue as can be
Black always showing out
White hiding no colors underneath
Coming out 9-5 gray
Yellow telling about you contrasting
Only chocolate flourishing underneath.
Is that brown flourishing?
Lights on hip hop now
The basement was fully strobed
Reminiscing and ready for that next day party
Continuous watching
As if some things new might come up
But the old
Are their watching
Each twist & turn in color.
Red being still the finest and most painful boner on the block.