Friday, December 13, 2013

Human nature:don't get to full on bs ya might bust

Is there room enough for me
To learn?

From the day I was born
To realize
Listening is a job in itself.

Choosing and excepting the reasoning of
Who to hear from unconciously speaking.

Being introduced from day 1
To my lifelong freind of intuition.

Teachings between u & i.

My advisory board of understanding
To figure out
My name sake
Humbly learning.

Not knowing until we depart
The whole story of conciousness.

Getting introduces metaphorically
Not literally for my sake of
How to hold on as before.

Someone holding me
Back from
Knowing the intuition I hold
Never to die
But becoming
The faith of knowing that those intuitive motions will have a continuing job of holding on to the next
Concious decision makers.

So learning of humleness is
Never complete.

Leaving the story open for reasoning w/ real & unreal
For the
Future of us
In the next unknown chapter of life to come.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Zero Tolerance

 2 sided coin we've meet.
We have left our mentalhhod
For a way out literally.
The tolerance of being
Called a zero is recalled
0's are tolerated to prove my acumulating abilities for rewards.
You say their are always two sides.
Which can be tolerated?
I say where is my side located.
Zero has become our unfathomed anthum
Here & Now.
Only time zero's will be tolerated is when their shown as hero's of workingclass.
The more the better.
Yet again zero for me is the end
Told to me
As an attitude of nontolerance vs tolerance
Of what I've been taught my side partakes.
In the piece of literal sides of zero's.
We tend to add unconciously 4 a disengaging act done conciously.
But what's left is nothing being handeled or supported by ones that care to.
1 being in front for the zero's to add up to who & what is suppose to be.
No one added anything when misunderstandings are tolerated as
Ultimate losers.
Which equal sensably to no one really caring about
Our tolerance
Of making zero's literally.
To live alone & w/ no 1 to hold them up.
_0_ To survive
0    To sink