Monday, October 31, 2011

Still No Freedom

Do my folks love who I've become?
Teens, Gays, Dopeheads, Bums, Mistaken Activist ask themselves daily.
I know that no one can define who you are.
But, ya need ur folks whom have known to be true friends
The freedom of reconlecting sometimes puts u apart.
Ya use to be this but now ur this.
Change is not spelled the same as who I think u suppose to be.
Then, if u ain't doing as your folks think well your change couldn't be good.
Freedom does include being free w/ in your dome of thought & comprehension!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back Up

When The Back Up Garnt has been alotted
Your future and well being have been determined
Living involves striving to recognize it's never over
Underestimated isnot a label
You place upon yourself
Farthest reaching world take forever
Look away and at to see if you can get close to forever
Then my Back Up saves my heartful being
From being murdered
It's not my determination