Sunday, September 21, 2014

Push fast and soft

Who is we?

We free?

Why fight?

Oh WiFi!

We share


Is it you share?

To me right

Or is it them

Cause me is unknown

To us!

But who are we

trying to enter

To become 1?

It’ll always be


To be who we

Pose to see.

So when I say

I am


I mean

This hair we grown

On We

While on WiFi

Ain’t the beginnings

Of a new you.

We knew you before me was introduced.

In other words

Why fight the flow of clickin’

They put us together on this screen sinkin’

Into this

Why fight to Admire?

We dun

Abducted one another’s constant vibration.

Why fight who we are?

We make it happen

Reasons of we reborn every day.

Old School...

I have been made

Into what I am

Oh that again

Having to keep up



I am

Going to


When it has come up

In the past

Differations always took on

The likeness of me.

Not ever

Not having

A place

To be put

As we are ever evolving

With one another to be come

Just we.

No longer I am

Never was

Forever I was made

To be


I am.

Of my past.

Bringin’ the future.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Same shit, different day

The time we got together
Is assembled with the mathematics we gather
I heard while fumbaling the tunes
Situations & statutes may change
But the outcomes stays the same
Begins w/ me
You how I pays all the fees
Of not know
But taught buy those who saw
And knew
How time stays the same
Just like different folks take on fame.
Bound to be that one star shining that night
But come morning the shine is gonna fight
For a way
To come through
But the addition is always flowing a little to the side
Backtracking takes you right back outside
To yesterday
As hits stay the same
Jus in time
For a change made
To gage the day already said.