Wednesday, July 31, 2013

As I'm trying to find
Out your real personality
With my soul being involved
How we really roll
Being sarcastically always stuck on your feelings
Networking being required of the leopard
In order to find hidden shelter for her twin cubs
Stories through echoing caves actions with mother
Her mouth carrying me was a sign
Who we live for and with in reality
Connections made is forever solved
Bottom line of your every part of my soul.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Name Calling

It's that literal story
That makes it real
The lyees being told
Is big Toree chillin'
Toroe is head boppin'
Names never told
Exspecially if not membered
Them Nick names only come
When warrented
Maybe never again
Like I said
If not membered.
Stay inside
Cause warrent
Is out for
Who do you think you are?
Streets come calling
Marie is the import never gone
Two the head @ night wit Cakes
Only taboo mind stuck on KK
sounding like "why" literary work
by Nick.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another true story

When will u stop being scared of me?
When I'm working with u @ a 9-5.
Though I saw u last night on the corner with my sun
Begging for money so we could eat dinner.
9-5 folks looked at me as if they were scared for their life.
We wondered around and all the sudden lights lit up
Someone that looked like me looked @ us as he
Then said please come & see me tomorrow at noon for a job.
Me & my son showed up wearing the same clothing
with our matching hoddies that keep us warm.
All the sudden the woman that was literally looking scared at us on the corner
Walking in the business of the man that looked like me.
Looked @ him then me in silence.
"Mam do you need ur dry cleaning?"
Nervously she replied, "yes please!"
Dropped off her access.
That day I will never forget
Because I ended up hiring her the next year
@ the diner next door on the corner.
Now I knew this for my sake
So there's no way I could end my life as a scared unknowing fake being.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Changing Lanes

Be the blackmale you are
Speak up.
Tell the robbers what you want
Why they
Will give it to you for their own good.
Bring us
Together to view reasons of how this was
Made to be strategically sown.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


The answer still
comes back to
I have to respect
In order to come around
Visit your being.
Who knows who
Ask the other out first.
We did though
And combine mines of treasures.
Feeling lathargic from pride.
Each others beauty
As said to be yours.
Living as one.

Friday, July 12, 2013

More Memories

Ever since
I was
I am you
A heat has been felt in between
you and me
Was it a dream made to be
What we have always imagined
Living Lavioushly Black is
a way to guide.
Please come empty
Cause I am feeling up
I am glad you look at me
as you.
Anyway Necessary
You can't ever hate me
for the sake of I am you.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Cause what I say be mintees
French is mint to be said
Already knowing its mint
 to be
This mint do be fresh every
Mintees are the common herbs needed
Brought from to make
Happens only when mentioned by mintees
Metaphors being told
what mints are really
Take yourself & have them bring
your mint up to date of suppose to be.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

what it do

Not deep enuff?

My pride does seem to love her creativity.
Creativity is not technically
As perfect as my pride.
I would say cause she can
Go on & on outside of her box.
Pride will shakeyour guts out
When provoked the right way.
He is not one to share the right substance with.
He swears his pantry will make a Grandma smile.
Then creativity will take
Pride in as her creation.
Back to Grandma
She will be proud regardless
Even when your cubord is dry.
He was taught how to follow directions.
Come on Over Baby!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Uncle Charlie


Across the street is the house of confliction.

While the house of conception is where we all come from.

In the damn house I’m viewing now

Is who did it & what for?

I’m not moving this time cause

I’m ironically buying it.

FL in the summer

Vegas in the winter

See what money can buy.

A house on the hill like back in the day.

But the confliction is if it’s mine

Well where are the people I pay to

Living at on my land @?

Please don’t foreclose me. After all.

We may be able to conceive

Becoming closer.