Monday, February 25, 2013

Rolling down

Shaking my head

Should I have or shouldn’t I have.

Wanna come back


We know what might happen.

Inprints may be suddenly blowin over

Then the obvious trail may become lost.

With no fault of mine

Being the same throughout.

Sudden drifts come through the sudden starkness hit us blind.

We knew the forest from the other knd

Made to become an enabeler of time.

How long it takes to

Rationalize items as their own individual

Yet made to be whom they are.

Still wondering if the answer is to the question and not the nightmare.

No more hidden with

Ray Charless’ glasses of outcoming

Who he really is.

Friday, February 22, 2013


I be for we except after then.

The story behind the lazy eye.
I was born with it
Am I all the sudden suppose to get it fixed.
Only happens when I'm tryin'
To be still.
How I look is the question.
The unconditional love of
No mirror needed.
When they look away and view you as some
God yall some rude boys.
Well now I can see wide open.
While the lazy one continues
For the security of
No one is perfect.
When lifeis all in your face
Deal with the ups and downs.
Sure to be continued with all
buckings neccessary.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Why would I ever think
The assumption of love always
When two begin to connect
Well one might not be true.
The redundency of expecting
The Wrong
The wrong person never plays out
Two be
What the other may need.

Why does the law require knowing
What thou shall enter.
The ledge of past always needs
experience for the next time around.
That being said the foundation
Will keep up so the literall fall
Could adequately be the favorite
With no pain being felt.

May be the end figuratively speaking
To be the send of the leaves
Only blowing in the wind.
So more will always come back into play.
Alike is the sun in the rain.

Neva Long

I ain't did that fa got
You seem to think
Bottomline I got what has
Always been.
Details are in the eye of the
I see whats been said and done
Since day one
That's why I'm lucky
To have membered you
Since the beginning.
Never forget where ya @
and comeing from.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Never heard of such
Trying to reclaim sleeping on the streets.
The streets where always welcome.
Sleep wherever you might.

Now the awaking has claimed us to be judged.
Before folks undertook possibility of being
2 checks behind.
Not forseeing what it could take.

Do what need wants to be done.
Forever the street have been an emergency home 4 ereyone to visit as one.
Including the original coroners that'll tell your folk
They thought they was safe
Free but the streets stay
A hungry tree sucking the guts outta ur brains.

Why not go home?
To that wood place they call the trap.

Monday, February 4, 2013


Why in the shit is this the only way to stay free
To settle up.
If theirs no way out except but to except the
Bull day before.
Waking to look forward & ain't got the ignition it
Might take.
Begin to lierally check to rethink
What in the hell.
After the party I am burning up inside.
Morning after we know what's got to be done.
Feeling like never before
But realizing the reality of maybe if
I just stop & starve then die.
No more worries but some serious pain
Is still here today.
So why not Party ereday.
For a memorie we can recapture to let out.
Why not just potray in silence.
Sounds like a crock of shit now that I
Think about it.
Ain't suppose to eat the shit ya need to fly
To wherever with.
Not happy with "this" pile up.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just For

Entertainment purposed only.
Is that how the books are ran.
Can we ever come from up under?
Wierd how we usually gotta enter
to taine.
Sense usually is made afterthe fact.
Living in the word of stayin'
free but always seeming brave.
Who is all this boogie dancin' for?
How can you stop while she keeps
Maybe born to entertain the fame
that this on right now.