Sunday, September 29, 2013

Boils down to the labels

All the labels we put out there
Lesbiann, By, Gay
Why not just happily in love.
Love being the key through the maze of life.
Their is nothing straight about hate.
It just takes us back & forth
With a conclusion of love never come to.
All we can see is someone elses reactions
To the label that has been claimed to be defined as I.
Forced to be a love hate battle
For the sake of you forming no actions
To love me for me & not my man made label,
from someone elses head sent back to the lender,
Of how I choose to love forwardly.
Right place Right time

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What matters?

What if I said,
"I'm already dead
"Why keep coming up with this synopsis?",
You then ask.

Dealth happens abstractly for the good
Then absolutely for the bad.

We give all things a choice of living after dealth
When their is not justified continuation the thing
then disappears in the depths of still.

Always appearing as different than before.
Never making its way to matter in order to stay alive.

Being dead among the alive.
Never stopping to believe
"Am I trying to live for me or you?"

While we weigh wrong with right abstractly.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tom Ford...Time for her

Only if.
You don't think
I don't know
If it wasn't for...
What then would be?
Basically speaking
To the heart.
Feeling each
How it is to connect.
Happen to be done before.
As we feel our foundation
As needed.
So if how we want it is the only if
Wanting tears
For heart health.
So be it.