Sunday, September 25, 2011


The real ones
Will truely yet one day
See the reality of themselves
Faith in whom they where
Yet have to become
As well
As growng to b
Never become the wrong coming
Where u/ are ultimently to go
While always taking your beginning
To happily open your eyes and proceed
To overturn the hype & evil sights
That pierce your insides each knight
Never believe U/ R the only one living
To have faith 2
Ultimently believe
Where u/ may end & whom it appears to be w/!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I am so sorry to say
I've failed my friends
By not seeing the crack in their skin.
Verifying their in trouble
But viewing other associates contributing to their withering skin.
We could've went & recieved a body facial from my co worker.
I just never called to make the appointment
Friend I cry daily for viewing you die
not doing what I had the equipment 2 do.
Tears run down my eyes.
Only thing I Love is U/

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ain't gotta

You ain't gotta like it
Cause I'm gon love it
Hay Hay
Let begin this whith the verse tht has stayed with us throughout
Home is where the heart is
Right from the start
Nubian began at the heart of her vessel
Where they don't play
We just sing the same ole song and play
Get your ming right
Get ya Money right
And I'm gonna love you
When they ain't talkin
That's when
You ain't gon like it
But we gon love it!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Old Story!

Thier is no real fight
Except with my post
Here as lately I have mihandeled
Some bbuttons
And allorgized and put others feelings in the hand up unprotected and nonlogicality and erased my say by Myself
I come back the second time time to prove there needs to be some change
Get off off the window seal and go to the ballroom
The way if and when if this time I come you'll be ready
But this time I had to give it a try
I hadnt exactly sseen the lights of allagory
Or bankock But I know who the same pair of pants if felt like it
So Here I was Wandering as usual what in the hell did I get myself in
B4 I was so lovely Shoulda seen the dis[play
Felt the shill
Rode the wave
While getting what the boat had n store
Get a seat while ya
We backin up from sea
The King said with gold all around him
Next Voyage is the future of our history being erased if my soldiers don't make the voyage bk
Most impotantly!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sometime a one sided silence is the best thang
Light seem so dim but yet always honestly bright
When the choice is to close the dance floor and slang
Like it's your to conquer
Your lively concious knows everyone s n the room is fighting
But the the silent subconsious says im goin keep this a one sided thang for me
But never lonely cause when i open and view my feet i also c you in near sight
Don't get it twisted
The beat might be unlisted but I can teach as well as sythycize while I sing
I Love Dancing With With My Bo Thang all around this thang they call a one sided dream that turned around to be about my thang!
My Ego Is just who We jam To!
No Lonliness Found
It's last call but after hours is around the corner with another dance floor waiting for tht other!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Felt like droppin' a few winners
Closing a bush of followers

Livin' without the obstacles
Be taken seriously throughout tabacles

Tryin' to underestimate closing a door
Not strategizing moving toward a winning sword

If not 4 actualization of needing for another natuarally
Set my body in the realm of a moving cirle virtually

Putting everything a head to for berate a full
Give emanicipation the full script of a bull