Friday, November 26, 2010

Insult To Tip

Consumers in mind
Don't do extra if you can't or don't wanna
But keep the 3.5% in your brand
For your being to be whole

Thursday, November 25, 2010


First Holiday season without You
We miss You so
Comin in the room with a big smile
Proud of your progress in the Family
We miss You so
Just hear that we will carry on the pride of You and Us
Forever in the holiday season
Cause all your work made this So!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Yes is the word that I have stood by
Yes it is true that I Am blessed daily by living the Life of the Lord
Yes it is an unbreakable word
Yes I Am sure of what this has for Me
Cause Yes it is truly in me to be sure of the Yes in my heart
Yes there are ways to understand this yes and not a maybe or no
Yes I love that’s it’s in me
Yes it’s in you
Yes we can overcome what we imagine to be the truth for the absolute truth
Yes I just came up with this today
Yes I’m glad that I Am reassured daily of what I have to know
Is yes there is always a way to comprehend things to end with a yes
Yes this is realistic and not fake cause the only way is
Yes I have The Lord of Yes in my heart
Always have through all the false maybe and might nots
Cause the assurance of this HAND FULL OF YES BEAMS
Seem to say Yes to me daily that there is always a way to feel that I am on my
Way and not just in here not knowing a way
The reason is Yes You!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Black Buziness

Black business is our business
I would think so
If you try I try
To be the giddyup
You try to be the gitmeup
We have to support one another in the mist of the 20th century
As professionals it is up to us to become top level folks
We have to ultimately stretch and go beyond
It is not the comparison thang going on
But it’s the strive for excellence thang
Think to yourself if I was over there would they except this !?
My black business wants to bring abnormal thangs in the mix that puts us back down
But we have to eagerly climb the mountain to stay at the top
This is not the home this the business
Let’s show um all that even though I’m black
My Will
Is to interact as if I’m an Egyptian that put themselves in charge of the world
Take back the way with common sense of this is also My Buziness
If so would I want My Folks to run it as so?
Save the shit till you get home
Help Me save My Black Buziness Please for the sake of our Homeland becoming Free and Professional!
Support and appreciate the Support!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have choosen to Confess of first degree
With this imaginary mind of mine
Just Confess so that their will be no more of my kind
I chose to search the walls all alone
Rather then to be searched by others that do not understand My manupulation and betrayal I take on myself at this trial
I can not fight myself anymore
Their is no known jury
or judges
to plead my case
So I will confess to over acting out my case in mind
day and night
I confess to murdering my mind
I will leave this all for the records to stand and speak for itself
Why my imagination and stance and myself must stop here
Hopefully for life
No giving up on living
Just giving up on my trial of this kind of imaginary LIES
That have been formed before I even took the Stand!

BIGGER then Me

Life is BIGGER then Me
The BIGGER things get
The Smaller My Brain Seems
Look into the light and see
Me But Life is BIGGER then Me
Why does it seem things are EZ then HARD
But I AM Femine Not HARd
I wear stacks and dressy dresses
But My Pants do sag sometimes
For lack of a BELT around My waist
Why is BIGGER life steadily stairing Me In My eyes
I ask
Because Life is BIGGER then Me
I do no
I AM always an independent FEM making my way cause of how I was raised
I need only My Fam which is BIGGER then ME
When they are always around Me I Am Blesses daily
Why is this BIGGER life BIGGER then ME!
I want to grow to be able to Look down
And Realize the reality of
Life is BIGGER then ME!
Well I do Know but I'm not gonna tell
Why it's the BIG in ME


Math is the logistics in life
When their is this number of this
Then that number of that
Evidently the perfect number is that which is right!

Monday, November 8, 2010


I’m gon take this slow.
Can I get a Chance with My King?
Well He’s not Mine yet
Will He ever notice Me
I want what I want
Just can’t take any King
I need that One Chance
Is it my Circumstances?
Is it me?
What could it be King?
Can we speak on this Today?
The Chance would be so Awesome
But I can’t seem to come around
It must be Me
With no fault of mine
Do I search out other Chances?
But I only have One
But realistically if I haven’t had a Chance there could be other chances
I’m gon take this slow
This may be a Dream King
When you wake well it just turns out to be a Dream Chance
I believe in standing for what U believe
That’s all the Chance you have Queen
Slow down now take it slow
Your mind King is so intone to mine
I find myself thinking about when will be the time
Can I get some time?
Is it my circumstances?
Is it me?
Should I give you to some other kind?
Go on and get back to my mind?
And realize that I can’t have my Chance with A Man that is so inclined to treat Me as a Queen that I Am!
Is it my circumstance?
Well in this Stance My heart is pounding and sounding Hollow and ruthlessly Lonely
I do Have Me
I do need U
But under the circumstances I can’t get a Chance
To fall for U and U fall for Me
We wouldn’t have far to go u know
I have to take this slow
So I’m gon to go and Dream on My own for right now
Dream about Chance

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wat tu Say?!

Confidence is not a coincidence!
Confidence is natural!
Coincidently it is in all of us!


What I meant to say
Never leaving the reason why I’m where I Am
I have to comment daily why I’m blessed to be committed
To the reason
The reasoning is in my mind
To view My life to be committed to U
U and I shall prosper through our commitment to one another
No matter why I can’t understand why I’m still here
I find a reason daily that tells me why I’m here
I search like I’m in the woods
But the way has been paved to find the valley
That I was formed in and came out of
To continuously search out my commitment to U
I will find my way back
Just look at the past path and how I got to where I Am
And the commitment has brought Me back around
And I become thankful for Your commitment
To leave that trail that I will backtrack and the path has glistening diamonds and I can not get lost
Cause the commitment has formed Me into My Valley which is My Home!
Listen for the Path which will Always answer!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Do I need jew
Yes I do
The complexities of You
I need to know who U r
To realize who needs U
Is me
Profetically I want to be U
I need the rightious love that I need
To want to be next to Me
On a cold winters night in the
Compounds of My mind
To continiously climb
To My destined Mind
To overcome the fall that
Shouts Me out every Day
It tells Me the climb is not long
The Fall is shorter
Fingers I need U
Please plant Yourself in Me for ever more
I know that I have you until now then and more
That's what makes
Even More

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thanks Giving

Thanks Giving is coming around the corner
When there are people to give thanks the dinner is even better
With the belief that this is a whole meal of sorts
Then believe we will remember this until the next year comes is better
Just to observe the table set for all of us to come in and chow down
Ok an observation of all the new generations coming in the door is the best
To with stand all the past years trials and to party and have some home cookin will plant a smile
Standing on two feet with every ones hand held tight to one another
Seems to be the best time of year
The blessed and the blessing seeing through everybodies eyes all at once
Is the energy the following year needs for us to Unite More Often Then Not!