Thursday, February 24, 2011


Everything comes from the Lord
So hard to recongnize what's for real
Everything is.
Priceless Love

When we come into and also overcome
We do this for the Love of the everlasting everything
This is more then me
And you receive what's the light that tells me "I Love U"

No debt has been paid for my head
I have never been alone to fin alone
Love & Peace are free but our belief must be tested by ourselves
Bfore we see that Love is Priceless and For Real

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lady B

There is
Only One
Way 2
Learn About...
Lady B

Take Time
To Acknowledge
her downfalls
Learn Her
stability attributes

5 down
And 2
Over The
Gliding Line
Lesson Learned

Only When
fullfilled willingly
Called Out
with smiles of
Really learning
Lady B

Bring Your
Raw Heart
Oh No
NoOne Wanted
No one came

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A whole lot @ Stake

What happens is we figure out how we like this to be done First
Then, we imagine how good & juicy it could dribble from my lips

Secondly, other priorities come to mind
How the place has satisfied my needs n the past

Compared to my past choices that I took
When young & intuition where my best friend

Thirdly, the Lessons and advice help me carry out my decision of how
the back of the house provides happiness to my
"the beginning of satisfing this bodily nutrition"

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Everything in life
Has a lesson.
Depends on what side ur on,
Which lessons will be learned.
Lessons r only for life livers.
No waste aloud.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Do I not reserve the right to survive?
We all know when they come threw with a Whole Slew.
So I do survive the right to reserve what I derserve.

No One Peace Aggreement has been won alone.
So then our freedom enables us to have reserve the right w/in this aggreement.
Peace Aggreement enables feedom has won alone.

No One can see the end until they see.
The devotion to reserve my eggs for your hatching,
Has me just waiting until next session.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Games play will play
To get to the right fortaye
I say why go there if u can't win
Why potray a cadillac when you own a damn van

Let's take a round around and see where we really stand
Back next to each other
The wind is the only thing that can send you off the board
Knowledge will surely keep the cadee fresh and clean

Believe that the board will get tossed by the sore loosers
But the folks that was winning will feel the hurt too
Lets start all over
Can I apologize for taking your piece

No is the answer
Ok lets just drink a beer and settle for an even score
But no cause U can't quit calling me the whore
I end up forgiving your score for the sake of us playin for another

Game of Monopoly on the floor

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Open the door

Mother Nature please give my heart a break

The ice has become so hard but yet slippery to pace

Dig me out with whatever form you can make up

Beneath it all it started soft to the touch

Fluff Fluff just roll me over and have your way

These days I do have cabin fever

My heart cries for some honest cuddling love

But when the door opens will I be able to not fall & bust my head?

My neck like my heart may get twisted with the fate of giving it a try

I'm warm in here but yet cold by the thought of when will everything melt

My heart might go into a lovely spring of everything coming alive
To greet this pounding of needing some natural sun

But will you stay?