Monday, January 31, 2011

Live (these) Words

Conversations we confidently have with one another to sooth the breeze
When it goes through and out to form a hanging like leaf on a tree
Suppose to be
But on it’s way to be fallin to form a decoration to be looked upon as dead but still there
That is what is to be formed to be racked up for next time

The branch that has a space left alive but always with a space to form another dead leaf to fall
Always relates to next season but year by year it gets worst but next better
Life sitting on a perfectly trimmed bush
Still alive but the life of the yellow leaf out seeds everything else
Succseeds the job that was done earlier to today all the fertilizer and spot treatment

Live hands pressed in the garden to form those aligned daisies that form at the brink of spring
I will speak on my garden to promote the originality of the circular motion I have formed at the driveway
My love for my hobbies exceeds my neighbors when they just shake their heads when they see me speaking
Words remind me of life changing daily and needing change and remembrance of back in the day
When all we had was an imagination and some creativity to form something that was sure to stay alive rather here or there

Monday, January 24, 2011


Gimme "MY" mask back plz
I thought I was ready yall
But I can't live up to this
Without no make me up
Yall got it
I need it back
Where do I go go for "returned packages"?
Help a sista out and return what I let out to be me
Me was not ready for us
Us consisted of yall judge and jury me
Ya sent me packin
What I got now
This mask that fits only when I no you lookin
But what's on when yall ain't lookin
That's what I'm sayin
I'm lost without u judging that's all I'm use to in this world of US
Now I'm placing it back on this face of mine to be more incline to within your kind
See how it helps me find your mind
For real though I need a mask or is it too late?
I think it's too late now that I am wearing "MY" Hand made kind from Me And Mine!

You may feel like mine is dirty or unkind
Take yours off and see what really is beneath your kind
before ya judge mine!

Might Go There

Well I just might
Go that long road to where I need to go there
I left where I was to get here
I got here and meet you

So then really I did not might show up there
Life is a long trail of aveNUES to vear off when it's time for ME
But I feel as though the track will never stop nor view me to that Heaven
Wait that's at the end

All the in betweens are wins of me deciding where is the next statue to stand me up and view me while
I will get there
That long road
That short road which will never get to the end but will send me over the edge just to try to go there

Ain't nothing perfect
My decision to leave or redecide my thought or to tell you I'm confused
But I do No One Thang is True
I'm getting there

Then I say after that I just Might change my mind about where we can go to begin to see finally an end of where to get to my dreams
I'm gonna get um if it takes me deciding and communicating with Queens from Edgypt that are Black
We were spelling before you were smelling or try to sell
Don't get me wrong I know where I'm going is where I am right now

With no second thought of my strength, intellect or originality
So it's here in my soul where I will go
I just had to ponder My heart and the beats of the drums on Fridays
The decision has been made where and who I might Go or Be in the everflowing Nile See

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Let me take this day to Shine
A new day and time
The sunrise will refresh my mind
I will use yesterday as a learning shrine
Please let me Shine
Yesterday was a sign
That our socalled love was on my dime
You expressed how I was so fine
That you wanted to give me your time
We agreed that together we will grow into a stern unbreakable pine
All the sudden we were in a binde
Because the night came and you expressed you needed time
"Fine" take the time
Time to evaluate my strong kind
Our passionate grinde
How is your natural beauty so fine?
Why am I scared to make you mine?
Then I say..
"Open your heart and dig deep and u will see it's our time to shine"

Saturday, January 22, 2011

T I V E's

Is this pro?
Yes from my pro spective
When I take a look Back
Get into my retro spective
This is always my professional adaptaption of what I’m saying
Now your intro spective may be different
That’s what brings us together to see each others perspective!
No one’s saying I’m better then you
You see your perception and I see mine
Your’s may be deeper inside your heart
Cause your perceiving this
Don’t get upset cause the T I V E’s have been thrown your way
And mine are sinking inside to find out how much of a pro You are
So now that we go back in retro space
The truth becomes I have nothing to do with how you perceive things to be
Cause that’s you’re learned pro that you’re happy with
I’m continuously looking out the window to try to understand
Where you’re coming from!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

True Story

The prime reason I must stay unscripted
I become only tempted
Up and down
Quickly it goes
If not attended
Well no sending
One day I deleted me being unscripted
Tried like hell to go back through this fake things that are listed
What about most recent script
That’s not the one
I’m getting close how could me just disappear
It’s weird how I could reappear but I already being taken unscripted again
But I searched a mile high and a flow gone for you
I never found so I’ll be scripted with a hue of
Never found for u but made for me scripted but yet deleted
I thought I saved you does this mean you were never me
Where are u?
That one word professed with the connection to show finesse
That one epiphany I found wondering waiting to be gifted
The one intrusion on a so precious asset that you once where taught and learned
That one reason why I can scream now in all in all
The one I can’t seem to remember how I why I deleted you to only want and need my once self back
To my delusion of my epiphanies, sycraceracies,any damn thang I want
I do recall on the real
“A Whole Slew”

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I’m just saying why can’t I tell u why?
Cause I’m only saying
Cause I want you to know that I was sayin
Probably a couple of times but never told the right person at the time
Cause I was just saying then too
If I was out of line well it’s a legal road called I’m just saying and I don’t pay taxes out there just hang with MF who just I’m only sayin but don’t love you enough to tell when they know Why
I remember when where forced into a corner of disperse and entrapment and we’re told to don’t be too sure about what you saying and why
So I'm JUST sayin
Cause if somebody come around well I honestly don’t know why you think I would honestly know why I should’ve told the real instead of the just
I know folks who don’t deserve what’s been said and proclaimed to be an I'm just saying finally truth
Ain’t gonna hurt you none right now
We don got this far in protecting one another
Become more pure and less unsure but saying
And say what needs to be changed from just to the crust on the cherry pie