Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fun vs No Fun

The problem is
We only express the adjective
In front
Certain type of relationship.
The objective
Never being known
Always other ways to view
How we gon
Work out these abs
Up & down he man style
Round and bout a circle I wanna be in
New day adjective
Whatever your heart felt for a time
Thinking this in stone
No layer/foundation/communication exchanged.
The problem being
It fell through
After all was figured.
What the meant tasted like to you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I like what I'm like. Is that harsh?

How is a Dictator digested?
Looking to be soft so we hope
But the harsh discipline w/ a whip
Makes to skin edible even sometimes literally
Looking up again to see
The new that dictates
Do we like your dictator?
What's the deal with mine?
Who I looked upon to be loaded
Loaded with my personal liking's
No chez for me
of course no pork
Now chives are al natural
Yours could be short or mega in length
All about your taste
for your dictator
Of the century
Basically should have
Soft insides
Skin that changes being done and undone
Always grown
Looking to be one of your own.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Twist it out

Watching me
Always doing some things
Worth the attention
Not have the unload capacity
Just beat out controversial
Lights shining onto
Colors depending on how the as comes out.
Blue as can be
Black always showing out
White hiding no colors underneath
Coming out 9-5 gray
Yellow telling about you contrasting
Only chocolate flourishing underneath.
Is that brown flourishing?
Lights on hip hop now
The basement was fully strobed
Reminiscing and ready for that next day party
Continuous watching
As if some things new might come up
But the old
Are their watching
Each twist & turn in color.
Red being still the finest and most painful boner on the block.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Am I not human? Can I not have my own right of passage?

I have been working hard
Rear end coming out with sharp shards
Both ends on fire
Cause this body is on shire

To define where I'm coming from
Step back some
What incline has come your way
We are alike automatically in the sway of giving way

Now that the bodies eruption
Has yet to find its meaningful function
The shards become sharp bits in ashes
Only to be recongnized as fascist(insult)

When items come upon us
For only us
The shit going down becomes
Outlines for "them" biting uncle toms

My bottoms on fire
You can not sit here
Unless I help my fellow brother
No matter his types of squeal

Becoming all about my right way
The excavation of my culture gave way
And the right only became opposite of the left
Not the only right decision left to make.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Small Beast

My breast have never been big enough
To fall inbetween
It's always pretty much been a straight shot
A few bumps
Riding through slow
Wondering what really matters
Then I pour my splash of milk in my black
Sugar was always added to the morning
Nurturing force given
Provided for that state of mind
Not wanting my babies to become lost
These little bumps are where my babies will form a full cup.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


We as Egyptians are made of sand
Connected across the desert
Spread throughout to an unending Pharaoh
Never lost always seen as paradise
The Dynasty we know crumbs of
Hidden underneath sand of layers
Layers of lives lived as suppose to be
The love of connections made
Blown never out of proportion
Stories and truth made as we track across
To see the truth
When how and what Africa is today
Full of sand
Traveled daily over a hump back
Still to this day.