Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I can only question myself

Ah you be like another one of them again.
Do you ever say damn been there done that before but willing
to go back?
So what they missed or how they see how it goes today.
Is it ever new?
Questions we ask for the sake of understanding the
character of our answers.
Will there ever be a way out of consistently questioning
ourselves characteristics?
When we stop looking for a way out?
Out of what?
The understandings of ur characters location @ the time.
That changing
But the ways stay the same.
Balance is required as going w/ the flow.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


My ego is when everything goes on
The computer for real life's tab.
When the computer interacts with a push.
The dramatized source will get told about.
Emotions risen in a satelling different way.
Claims w/ a thoughtless computer is not ever claimed.

When the party goes right on the screen everytime.
The real life basement party become obsolete.
No one wanting to be made up & have to show up.
Just wanting some fast acquaintances to toast and search.
For your current moe joe once lost but technically found.