Friday, December 13, 2013

Human nature:don't get to full on bs ya might bust

Is there room enough for me
To learn?

From the day I was born
To realize
Listening is a job in itself.

Choosing and excepting the reasoning of
Who to hear from unconciously speaking.

Being introduced from day 1
To my lifelong freind of intuition.

Teachings between u & i.

My advisory board of understanding
To figure out
My name sake
Humbly learning.

Not knowing until we depart
The whole story of conciousness.

Getting introduces metaphorically
Not literally for my sake of
How to hold on as before.

Someone holding me
Back from
Knowing the intuition I hold
Never to die
But becoming
The faith of knowing that those intuitive motions will have a continuing job of holding on to the next
Concious decision makers.

So learning of humleness is
Never complete.

Leaving the story open for reasoning w/ real & unreal
For the
Future of us
In the next unknown chapter of life to come.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Zero Tolerance

 2 sided coin we've meet.
We have left our mentalhhod
For a way out literally.
The tolerance of being
Called a zero is recalled
0's are tolerated to prove my acumulating abilities for rewards.
You say their are always two sides.
Which can be tolerated?
I say where is my side located.
Zero has become our unfathomed anthum
Here & Now.
Only time zero's will be tolerated is when their shown as hero's of workingclass.
The more the better.
Yet again zero for me is the end
Told to me
As an attitude of nontolerance vs tolerance
Of what I've been taught my side partakes.
In the piece of literal sides of zero's.
We tend to add unconciously 4 a disengaging act done conciously.
But what's left is nothing being handeled or supported by ones that care to.
1 being in front for the zero's to add up to who & what is suppose to be.
No one added anything when misunderstandings are tolerated as
Ultimate losers.
Which equal sensably to no one really caring about
Our tolerance
Of making zero's literally.
To live alone & w/ no 1 to hold them up.
_0_ To survive
0    To sink

Saturday, November 30, 2013


Why can you culturally not let me have anything?
Want to continuously tell me how my art is not true.
Actually still erasing me when it comes to my own color
Of Africa
Where I’m from
What we did for civilization
As life is
I only seem to appear in good times
When not a voice can overstand the eyes of time
To be an artist named dino mite
Told to us through ink and flower essence
A color of a black family
Now my artifacts still left up the Royals to sift through.
Not yet given back to me
So my culture is as always my made up technically for me
Which can never be really seen
Through third eye only I am seen really.

Monday, November 25, 2013

The real you

Wherever you from
Do it right from there
Stay motivated from what you know
So now slow down
Who motivates you from where you from
To stay right there.
Mory Povich baby daddy momma bullshit.
Who you be from?
Where you offered beef to live from?
Make sure my is done classicly weather you like it or not.
Change from chicken to beef is allowed where we from.
Survival is one thang while hustlin’ is how it’s done that day.
See where I’m from
Feel your eyes right next to me
Comin’ up once again directly next to me.
Findin’ the way all over again.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Am I an antonym of you?
Staying basic and simple from the beginning.
What not to do.
How not to do it.
You know me like a word on the opposite end
of our lifes book of woes.
Turning the page is natural like the next caption.
Always a period of defining.
So the opposite can OK the ssame.
When I am all you go About
In the reason for such
Continue to opposite of Antonym is synsynym
Get to know the sense of why we do the things we do.
Defining ur common wealth throughout the way.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Status into Quote

Is it that everyones had my flow
That prevents me from feeling the sex anymore?
Who wouldn't want to see past the slow flow
For More
Hard and fast acts of flow into.
Around the world is our own preferenced sounds
Made When told
That you can get this from.
Then the need for making love
Comes out of the emotional cost we pay.
Without delay.
So the flow is always into.
First time that being done
Into To Make
We have to enter one anothers into
At any cost of going w/ the flow.
Echoing the status quote as a whole.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Boils down to the labels

All the labels we put out there
Lesbiann, By, Gay
Why not just happily in love.
Love being the key through the maze of life.
Their is nothing straight about hate.
It just takes us back & forth
With a conclusion of love never come to.
All we can see is someone elses reactions
To the label that has been claimed to be defined as I.
Forced to be a love hate battle
For the sake of you forming no actions
To love me for me & not my man made label,
from someone elses head sent back to the lender,
Of how I choose to love forwardly.
Right place Right time

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What matters?

What if I said,
"I'm already dead
"Why keep coming up with this synopsis?",
You then ask.

Dealth happens abstractly for the good
Then absolutely for the bad.

We give all things a choice of living after dealth
When their is not justified continuation the thing
then disappears in the depths of still.

Always appearing as different than before.
Never making its way to matter in order to stay alive.

Being dead among the alive.
Never stopping to believe
"Am I trying to live for me or you?"

While we weigh wrong with right abstractly.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tom Ford...Time for her

Only if.
You don't think
I don't know
If it wasn't for...
What then would be?
Basically speaking
To the heart.
Feeling each
How it is to connect.
Happen to be done before.
As we feel our foundation
As needed.
So if how we want it is the only if
Wanting tears
For heart health.
So be it.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Comin through

If I could continue
To come down like hard raindrops on a windshield
While sitting and waiting on that next thought.
No not too high just grounded.
When will I come around for the techniqual things in life not just
us being.
The time of day predicted the crazy weathering of each one of
our souls.
Forming natural going into
situations formed by things made.
That's why raindrops are gonna be hard by fallin'
into everytime something
like steel here. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bumps and Holes

Leap in

To some

Where you

Have never

Been B


Some will never make it to
been yet alone b4.
Mine being locked away.
Kids not being able to at any standards.
Nor into the arms of what was meant
to be for them.

Love of humanity as a whole
but the hole dug has been filled until
further notice of no one
being able to dig out.
Counting on being discovered as a
distraction or bump in the road.

Then maybe a leap can be fathomed and get workers to dig to discover the cause in order to infuse
loyalty and humility within' the community of drivers getting new mufflers monthly paid for out
of their pocket w/ no reimburstment sent.  Just a simple lathargic why not attempt to take the
other route.

Now I can imagine
Factually going down
My street quietly and proudly
Because the truth was
Believed and not just
Leaped over like a whole
In the road never felt.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

As I'm trying to find
Out your real personality
With my soul being involved
How we really roll
Being sarcastically always stuck on your feelings
Networking being required of the leopard
In order to find hidden shelter for her twin cubs
Stories through echoing caves actions with mother
Her mouth carrying me was a sign
Who we live for and with in reality
Connections made is forever solved
Bottom line of your every part of my soul.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Name Calling

It's that literal story
That makes it real
The lyees being told
Is big Toree chillin'
Toroe is head boppin'
Names never told
Exspecially if not membered
Them Nick names only come
When warrented
Maybe never again
Like I said
If not membered.
Stay inside
Cause warrent
Is out for
Who do you think you are?
Streets come calling
Marie is the import never gone
Two the head @ night wit Cakes
Only taboo mind stuck on KK
sounding like "why" literary work
by Nick.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another true story

When will u stop being scared of me?
When I'm working with u @ a 9-5.
Though I saw u last night on the corner with my sun
Begging for money so we could eat dinner.
9-5 folks looked at me as if they were scared for their life.
We wondered around and all the sudden lights lit up
Someone that looked like me looked @ us as he
Then said please come & see me tomorrow at noon for a job.
Me & my son showed up wearing the same clothing
with our matching hoddies that keep us warm.
All the sudden the woman that was literally looking scared at us on the corner
Walking in the business of the man that looked like me.
Looked @ him then me in silence.
"Mam do you need ur dry cleaning?"
Nervously she replied, "yes please!"
Dropped off her access.
That day I will never forget
Because I ended up hiring her the next year
@ the diner next door on the corner.
Now I knew this for my sake
So there's no way I could end my life as a scared unknowing fake being.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Changing Lanes

Be the blackmale you are
Speak up.
Tell the robbers what you want
Why they
Will give it to you for their own good.
Bring us
Together to view reasons of how this was
Made to be strategically sown.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


The answer still
comes back to
I have to respect
In order to come around
Visit your being.
Who knows who
Ask the other out first.
We did though
And combine mines of treasures.
Feeling lathargic from pride.
Each others beauty
As said to be yours.
Living as one.

Friday, July 12, 2013

More Memories

Ever since
I was
I am you
A heat has been felt in between
you and me
Was it a dream made to be
What we have always imagined
Living Lavioushly Black is
a way to guide.
Please come empty
Cause I am feeling up
I am glad you look at me
as you.
Anyway Necessary
You can't ever hate me
for the sake of I am you.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Cause what I say be mintees
French is mint to be said
Already knowing its mint
 to be
This mint do be fresh every
Mintees are the common herbs needed
Brought from to make
Happens only when mentioned by mintees
Metaphors being told
what mints are really
Take yourself & have them bring
your mint up to date of suppose to be.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

what it do

Not deep enuff?

My pride does seem to love her creativity.
Creativity is not technically
As perfect as my pride.
I would say cause she can
Go on & on outside of her box.
Pride will shakeyour guts out
When provoked the right way.
He is not one to share the right substance with.
He swears his pantry will make a Grandma smile.
Then creativity will take
Pride in as her creation.
Back to Grandma
She will be proud regardless
Even when your cubord is dry.
He was taught how to follow directions.
Come on Over Baby!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Uncle Charlie


Across the street is the house of confliction.

While the house of conception is where we all come from.

In the damn house I’m viewing now

Is who did it & what for?

I’m not moving this time cause

I’m ironically buying it.

FL in the summer

Vegas in the winter

See what money can buy.

A house on the hill like back in the day.

But the confliction is if it’s mine

Well where are the people I pay to

Living at on my land @?

Please don’t foreclose me. After all.

We may be able to conceive

Becoming closer.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Knowing when

So I’ve been told
Lighten up sometimes
A man a chance.
Now knowing who that man is
And how this might just be.
I do need somedody
In order for my mind to get right.
The chance thought can teach how this came about.
All seems to come up under
Acknowledgin’ we all need somebody

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Red & Learned

Poppin' ain't bad.
Unless u/ have experienced this as
Negative Pressure.

When their is no reason for a solute of plessure.
"It happened."

That's like not knowing why your agitated.
"No Admittance."

Some thangs need reasoning & explaining
To make sense for yourself
To be participating.
"About Me."

Like a flood
When one comes not your way
You still got some valuable info.
If it comes accross your stuff
You end up loosing everything you own.
Somewhat Suddenly

All vibrations seem to be made
up under pressure.
"Can or Can't."

Evaluate the wave you may be in
control of.
Poppin' is a mechanism of worked over plessure
with antics(wild acts)involved.

Which generations tend to be proud of the multiple pops exspecially.
Women being one of the best reciprocals of pressure coming out just right.

I'm talking
4head painful
Heart breaking
Just right gum
Atmosphere still unknown
Still choices been made.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This is Why

Be wise
Ignore Rant
For give kness
In fer ur
Free Dome

Monday, June 10, 2013


I have forgiven you
Man of Mine
Without your intensifying voice of many
Common known bodies
Joining when at all needed
The look of required knowing
Directions stretching soulfully
Through to dietech the amazement of
Always having the first and last notions
To come into as yours to have
At all times
Nothing not feeling
When the touch of no other
Notices your icey eyes in the coal
Night of the isle that leads children
Yet Men
Whole of the mine we've dug
Traveling the barren straights for that feminine of Mine.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


A well done Bull shit via a bloody raw bullshitter

Rushing through the testicles to cleanse ya for morrow.

The bull is so thick
Constipation has set in

The desertion of some liquidation is strategically studied.

Seeing green becomes a non stop mountain of bullshit.

Finally the sand pebbles make the eater remember why a woman bleeds.

It's a must have to become a bullshitter w/ a healthy outcome.

No control

CVS carries big diapers for last nights obsessive compulsive raw veggie eaters.

The steam ain't gon stop the flow
Just put what ya need on & go to the back of the house
when nature calls.

Balance of protein and veggies is needed for a daily cleanse.
Like no blood means no bullshitter like u/ on this dry earth

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Still sticky

Atmospheric pressure is something we don’t see that we need to continue to become the pancake we made up.

If the air you breathe can not be understood

Well the syrup you want to add might not come to you naturally anymore.

The quality of being able to breathe freely

Could fly away in the night!

The day we don’t take the time

To crack the shell and see yourself oozzin out to become

Slopally and yet deliciously needed

For me to take it on my cake and be able to leave some for my sun inevitably.


Monday, May 20, 2013

More Mistakes

Now back 2 is a nut a nut.
Well if you take away their purpose
They forget what cone they were
hatched from etc.
No nut can go back back
That's why the actualizations of
small details are important for
Your good.
Like what it took for your cone
to become ripe enough?
Why it's only one of you for inside?
Not always aware its time
To relate your nuttiness with
the point of living in your neck.
With my brother pines and all.
Amazingly they don't always know what my delicatesents
were once called.
For the reason our father
from a different mother
keeps hatchin' for that very reason.
Oddly enough. Never.
Or is it a corn either way it
goes we are in your throat.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The requirement of love

The journey of How and Why
When the days began to be thought about
The debut of the other
Having to happen
By means soon to be explained
The neutrality of natures being so obvious
Workings of growth the same
Recognizing what is to be seen
Realizing the need to live
Imagery beginning with a true story
about my first 3 days and the
Why you love me until this day.
I have to be there to get it.
-IN with Love-

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Choosing ur Battles Bitches & itches

The planning of the battle
Multiple reasons to bitch
Accused of passing on
Never will end so mine as well learn
from the last womb.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Please share

My continuation of never feeling like given in.

Not letting the bend send me to sin.

Understanding the mentality of tin.

Thin yet strong enough to sodder any connection.

Changing colors with the attributes of slavein’.

Discovery of what it takes to become us.

Becoming a landmark for some states in fuss.

Wondering where the trust burned the wrong element

Into being such a hush.

Why can’t you take my end for the beginning of your loving what’s been called a unbreakable send.


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Posted up

My ego is when everything goes on
The computer for real life's tab.
When the computer interacts with a push.
The dramatized source will get told about.
Emotions risen in a satelling different way.
Claims w/ a thoughtless computer is not ever claimed.

When the party goes right on the screen everytime.
The real life basement party become obsolete.
No one wanting to be made up & have to show up.
Just wanting some fast acquaintances to toast and search.
For your current moe joe once lost but technically found.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Here we go..

Some things you just can't understand
What's in folks plans
Knowing that is where it's soon to go
Having each way to explain
Overstanding not only
But be liking at same time not willing
Why am I thinking the same
As this
Not being around enough
To have the ability to come around
While recongnizing why I'm not for the
Round and Rounds
But it pounds while should be ponder
We coming face to face mysteriously
Here I be not checked out
Needing you to read
My past complexions existed
Caring for your civilization in
Becoming characterized
In this round place you once called flat.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bubble gum poppin

I am gonna need you again
Like yesterday
Recognizing everyone else
Forgetting what happen last time
We seem to have meet then
Finally getting nothing never changes
Hard truth to follow
Being that it’s always as real as it gets
What’s not good
Is not your truth
Has nothing to do with this
What’s good
Is universally known as your doing
Things are acclaimed on daily
Facts take me back to past accurances
It all connects to me today
Never will we not be in need of what was us cause now newness relates
us into who and how it should’ve been don happen for this lifelong lesson to be carried out so automatically freshly.  

Friday, April 12, 2013

When True Love surrounds
Your Living Energy
There is No Choice left
To Drink and Piss It!
To Death....
Then the game is
Won and Seen!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Neighborhood Partee'

The difference between str8 and straight up is to be.

The relation of which way to kick is on you.

The point is these days recycalable items make it in.

The followers that kick it seem to want that one.

The outsiders realize if we all dunk on in well we get food.

The wordly folks it’s funner to party together to feel right.

The man down there still kickin’ for himself looks blindly.

The common few puts their minds together and make fun

For a good night sleep.

While others rather be in the street staying straight so

We know that is their str8 and narrow to kick past your hose of many.

Preferring the long level blocks instead of the down south

Straight up addresses that never feel their playing wrong.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Meeting of the minds

I would like to buy back my soul.
If that's where my holy ghost is located.
There has been a rumor
Then I can become apart of the grand trinity.
The amount that I owe is unfathenable
But please consider me when making the final decision.
I will have it all at once no plan needed.
Next week is when
I will become whole again
With the seller of my soul.
I need its help to get it.
If I have to pay extra fees I understand.
I can do this  every other week until...
If it escapes me with little understanding
Of certain circumstances looked to be unbelievable.
Can I please call your home for your assistance in
issueing complaints and to start a search team.
Can you help my buy back and keep my soul plaese.
We do need to meet for this to work.
Sincerely Yours

Monday, March 11, 2013


 I’m wondering about spring
As I view the green coming through
After the slight rain
That has always seem to happen
In the past
For the branches to grow strong again
Become a length longer then the
Year before.
Patches begin to squeeze through the flourishment
Of the so called dead but yet adamant about coming back
Still with a weathered thought of how we will evolve
To lead to the next root of greenish nature
Overcome by the soil.
Being the same all around but each and everyone has the chance
Before the great cuttasion of joyfulness
Being out and about in your own yard
To begin all this once again

Monday, February 25, 2013

Rolling down

Shaking my head

Should I have or shouldn’t I have.

Wanna come back


We know what might happen.

Inprints may be suddenly blowin over

Then the obvious trail may become lost.

With no fault of mine

Being the same throughout.

Sudden drifts come through the sudden starkness hit us blind.

We knew the forest from the other knd

Made to become an enabeler of time.

How long it takes to

Rationalize items as their own individual

Yet made to be whom they are.

Still wondering if the answer is to the question and not the nightmare.

No more hidden with

Ray Charless’ glasses of outcoming

Who he really is.

Friday, February 22, 2013


I be for we except after then.

The story behind the lazy eye.
I was born with it
Am I all the sudden suppose to get it fixed.
Only happens when I'm tryin'
To be still.
How I look is the question.
The unconditional love of
No mirror needed.
When they look away and view you as some
God yall some rude boys.
Well now I can see wide open.
While the lazy one continues
For the security of
No one is perfect.
When lifeis all in your face
Deal with the ups and downs.
Sure to be continued with all
buckings neccessary.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Why would I ever think
The assumption of love always
When two begin to connect
Well one might not be true.
The redundency of expecting
The Wrong
The wrong person never plays out
Two be
What the other may need.

Why does the law require knowing
What thou shall enter.
The ledge of past always needs
experience for the next time around.
That being said the foundation
Will keep up so the literall fall
Could adequately be the favorite
With no pain being felt.

May be the end figuratively speaking
To be the send of the leaves
Only blowing in the wind.
So more will always come back into play.
Alike is the sun in the rain.

Neva Long

I ain't did that fa got
You seem to think
Bottomline I got what has
Always been.
Details are in the eye of the
I see whats been said and done
Since day one
That's why I'm lucky
To have membered you
Since the beginning.
Never forget where ya @
and comeing from.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Never heard of such
Trying to reclaim sleeping on the streets.
The streets where always welcome.
Sleep wherever you might.

Now the awaking has claimed us to be judged.
Before folks undertook possibility of being
2 checks behind.
Not forseeing what it could take.

Do what need wants to be done.
Forever the street have been an emergency home 4 ereyone to visit as one.
Including the original coroners that'll tell your folk
They thought they was safe
Free but the streets stay
A hungry tree sucking the guts outta ur brains.

Why not go home?
To that wood place they call the trap.

Monday, February 4, 2013


Why in the shit is this the only way to stay free
To settle up.
If theirs no way out except but to except the
Bull day before.
Waking to look forward & ain't got the ignition it
Might take.
Begin to lierally check to rethink
What in the hell.
After the party I am burning up inside.
Morning after we know what's got to be done.
Feeling like never before
But realizing the reality of maybe if
I just stop & starve then die.
No more worries but some serious pain
Is still here today.
So why not Party ereday.
For a memorie we can recapture to let out.
Why not just potray in silence.
Sounds like a crock of shit now that I
Think about it.
Ain't suppose to eat the shit ya need to fly
To wherever with.
Not happy with "this" pile up.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just For

Entertainment purposed only.
Is that how the books are ran.
Can we ever come from up under?
Wierd how we usually gotta enter
to taine.
Sense usually is made afterthe fact.
Living in the word of stayin'
free but always seeming brave.
Who is all this boogie dancin' for?
How can you stop while she keeps
Maybe born to entertain the fame
that this on right now.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Off and On

Suspicion about this mission
Not to be understood
But yet wondered about
How for me is not for you
Vibratingly connected to eachother

The words being made true
The view keeps getting yet more & more subdued
Where did it first come tru
Is the truth the only way to see
When did it first come to me at

Let me research the venue
Searching around and around could practically end up where we began

I can fathom the look in the mirror
Even if only my words could explain
While my ears listen to what's been told is real
Even if We view one another a whole different way

It is my responsibilty to believe in
My way of words being the core of
my rationality.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Keeping up with the jonsses really meant
Don't b crying in public.
When everything is funny
Ain't nothin' funny boy.
Ok When u/ ain't got nothin' to say
Keep ur mouth shut
I can go on & on.
I won't
Can't wait 4 this addon so there u/ go
Is it really as bad as they say?