Thursday, April 10, 2014

Still explainin'

My lines going down...
I threw that to the wind
Suddan  vibrations of force
Some things
Once you done them
Can't be removed
Not known to you before hand.
What to call experience
Tossed your way
To warn from simply
Through the wind you breath
For the joining mechanisms
Work um
Up and down
Only when the excess is built up
Not everyone is overboard
Blame the vibration
Ugly fabrications
Yes on your back
I'm travelin'.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


There's some things I can not do
Like look @ you
And lie
Like you do me
Like's it's in your blood
Some thing u/ can't fix
For lack of know ledge
But once I'm taken tht 1st step
In tellin'
I will not be lying to you like tht anymore.
But ur a different thread
On & on your blood keeps pumpin' lies
For what I don't know
Other then your eye's are wondering why can't I just
Treat others how I wanna be treated?
To simple 4 a lying blood like you
To do.
Seems what you contain
Is who u/ be.
Lie still & go back to sleep
Only reason you need
Is you's tired.
When u/ wake up
Please get a new fabricator
Cause then there should
not be any static.
Left for u & i.