Wednesday, December 26, 2012


If I have to live my life soberly
Well lets see how many more years to go?
Getting caught up in real life.
The after affects of being real trife.
"To who" you ask?
Whomever noticed that I was them before &
We began with being there fore one another.
Down the line the learning of needing to
Watch your back fell through.
Once believing how I felt afterwards
Was a plan for me to grow into.
Not knowing the last line would be a
Wake up call.
I never really wanted to get living soberly.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Staying relevent

You have went out your way
To label me damned near extinct
So ya choose to be nice to the nearly faint.
Kinda in the back
exclaiming why it's our time to "give back."
Of course confused
Cause when ones been excluded
Who in the hell are we suppose to be?
Giving back to?
Let's make our change of heart work folks.
The ladder facts
Have to be built with reasons
taking deeper step in obtaining
the goals we trot & why the
relevence is required to have
A label of ways to be done.