Sunday, October 31, 2010


The game of life
Life is not meant to be that
That game you can absolutely Lose
Lose when you don’t have the energy to win
Win when you are determined to win
Win the winding circle
Circle that lands you at the end but 1 step away from the beginning
Beginning to play again with someone else
Someone else may be better then you at the games
Games are fun and laughable
Laughable to a point of crying
Crying when there is nothing felt there is left
Left as we know God will never do
Do the game just take us back and forth
Forth to what we need
Need to seek the reason we played the game in the first place
Place the emphasis on yourself
Yourself is the one that will have the will to WIN

Friday, October 29, 2010

An Image

What is an image?
Your imagination
When is an image real?
Is an imagination realistic?
We wonder when is it a facade or real.
Well when is this mind that forms gonna become a real facade?
On and on with this image of a vivid imagination to be wanting to be real
But then do we want to exit our vivid mind and become real
Or is it already real for me and not you
Cause this is my mind and not yours
Narcissistic is a word used when we wonder about ourselves so much to a point where we form an image of an imaginary characatur that may be too real to be true
Maybe it’s all in my imagination

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Plain Truth


Egyptians are black as clay
Always Found a way

Always positive and worthy way
Say unto the clay Woman
Then Men was the way
goddesses and gods for ever way is the way
Egyptians were black as clay
Kushites were the name of the clay people
Who taught the way
Always positive
Dark was positive not negative
Always a positive way
Egyptian goddesses taught the way
Always a positive worthy way
Goddesses and gods were Egyptians black as clay was the way to positive thought and scientific logicality
Egyptians are black as clay 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Please lead me the right way
To the store
To the grocer
Wherever you shall lead me
Do this all day
Pray all day and be lead to my light
Please Lord Lead me the right way
To write in this blog
To write for your words to come forth
Please lead me the right way
Please storm wake me and lead me right way
Please Lord lead me to the truth
Please Lord lead me to the right job
Please Lord lead me the write way
Please Lord led my heart the right way
Please Lord led my fingers and hands the right way
Please Lord send your Angels to me the right way
Any way is the right way
With Lord leading me the right way
With Faith in my Lord Father God

Monday, October 25, 2010

I miss U so

Clean the closest
Clean the drawers
Clean My head of judgement
I miss U so
Learn about everything that I need to learn
Learn when we went wrong or right
Learn how to meditate
I miss U so
Give My love back to You
Give my lose of vengeance over to the wrong
Give You the props You deserve
I miss U so
You’re a Man of the world
You’re just as human as I
You’re God is My God
I miss U so
Look at my ancestor’s catalog of past lives
Look and learn the strength in My blood
Look while I realize
I miss U so

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Now to inhale and exhale my breaths of love for you
Within you I take the breathes you breath with me
Thank you so much for all the love you give me daily
Being torn between this world and my friends
We ask which do we go
Just breath my love into your young lungs
I have to go friends to breath
Unto myself in a whole place
Within my own grass that I grow with water and till
I sew my own cloths metaphorically so I can sew these limbs for you
I have always willed to be within your breath
I use to think no one loved me but now I realize I am loved by the most high
My tears are soaked with the Love I have for My most high
There is always a way to get there
Through the love and grace I have full in Me for You

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The wind has produced a natural chill n my back
That means to me that I have a tightness within this strong back
I will continue to work this out of my back
Like those leaves please float and then go out this back
The will will preserve the colors of the bruises maybe left on this back
Then we will go back and observe why the tight back is a tight back
Not shoulders not fingers not legs just this back
Maybe my back has carried rightfully owned trials and tribulations on this back
So long the length of this long back
Why may I not let go and they continue to subside this back
I must always ask for the pleasure to carry what's mine on my own back
Drop them when it's time to get off my back
That's when I know My back ain't done with this load on my back
Exhale maybe it's these lungs inside this back
I can only exhale what I'm carrying on this length of a back
Let Me figure this back
A wanting 4 me to fail this load of goodness all up this lengthy back


As the dry leaves fly
Across the ground
While the wind blows in the sky
We produce true natural love for u and i
Turbulence the wind produces
Through the day
As the night still comes into me real steel
When we go through this write my hands shake
For reason like the dry leaves and the wind actually unknown
I will pursue you poem with only me to allude
You ain’t going nowhere but to me
My love has produced the words I need
I want
To hear not the why’s upon this
I am 1 with the sky and wind start up when it’s time
I know
I can’t subside my guide that has found me while the wind blows dry leaves across my and others lawn.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


All night

Now that we to have too communicate life
To be expected on a still delay

When their was somptin to rebel & how you was gonna
We see that you despise & sets me up there so strong but eyeing those sags

Songs would tell the folks what the jokes are to be. Speak for Momma. Speak for Daddy. Unity was the team
Couldn't relate no longer. Communicating one the lost. Fashion broken. Not understanding. Only rebel for our cause

While there will & always dealing & understanding is Amerika
There are black gents needing our approval, understanding, reason 4 lifelong rebel and more real why,what,then communications.......

Friday, October 15, 2010

Changed Words

The world changes daily
As our word & truths have to follow
Sometimes 1 becomes product or systematic with the other change.
If we stayed the same
We who is to blame for our tame
Answer Please Oh Thee.
I have not stopped the figuring change of all kinds
Answers please once again are gonna change thee.
Matter no if the enviroment stays the same
Going while growing, doing and seeing bonds to be a new way
Somehow going through a new train of thought, new way to succedd.
Never forgetting what deed should be
Viewing my around twisting change as you have 1 or 2 going & twisting two as well
Will I/We succedd.
Lord let me change so You May See!