Saturday, November 30, 2013


Why can you culturally not let me have anything?
Want to continuously tell me how my art is not true.
Actually still erasing me when it comes to my own color
Of Africa
Where I’m from
What we did for civilization
As life is
I only seem to appear in good times
When not a voice can overstand the eyes of time
To be an artist named dino mite
Told to us through ink and flower essence
A color of a black family
Now my artifacts still left up the Royals to sift through.
Not yet given back to me
So my culture is as always my made up technically for me
Which can never be really seen
Through third eye only I am seen really.

Monday, November 25, 2013

The real you

Wherever you from
Do it right from there
Stay motivated from what you know
So now slow down
Who motivates you from where you from
To stay right there.
Mory Povich baby daddy momma bullshit.
Who you be from?
Where you offered beef to live from?
Make sure my is done classicly weather you like it or not.
Change from chicken to beef is allowed where we from.
Survival is one thang while hustlin’ is how it’s done that day.
See where I’m from
Feel your eyes right next to me
Comin’ up once again directly next to me.
Findin’ the way all over again.