Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The wind has produced a natural chill n my back
That means to me that I have a tightness within this strong back
I will continue to work this out of my back
Like those leaves please float and then go out this back
The will will preserve the colors of the bruises maybe left on this back
Then we will go back and observe why the tight back is a tight back
Not shoulders not fingers not legs just this back
Maybe my back has carried rightfully owned trials and tribulations on this back
So long the length of this long back
Why may I not let go and they continue to subside this back
I must always ask for the pleasure to carry what's mine on my own back
Drop them when it's time to get off my back
That's when I know My back ain't done with this load on my back
Exhale maybe it's these lungs inside this back
I can only exhale what I'm carrying on this length of a back
Let Me figure this back
A wanting 4 me to fail this load of goodness all up this lengthy back

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