Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sometime a one sided silence is the best thang
Light seem so dim but yet always honestly bright
When the choice is to close the dance floor and slang
Like it's your to conquer
Your lively concious knows everyone s n the room is fighting
But the the silent subconsious says im goin keep this a one sided thang for me
But never lonely cause when i open and view my feet i also c you in near sight
Don't get it twisted
The beat might be unlisted but I can teach as well as sythycize while I sing
I Love Dancing With With My Bo Thang all around this thang they call a one sided dream that turned around to be about my thang!
My Ego Is just who We jam To!
No Lonliness Found
It's last call but after hours is around the corner with another dance floor waiting for tht other!

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