Monday, February 4, 2013


Why in the shit is this the only way to stay free
To settle up.
If theirs no way out except but to except the
Bull day before.
Waking to look forward & ain't got the ignition it
Might take.
Begin to lierally check to rethink
What in the hell.
After the party I am burning up inside.
Morning after we know what's got to be done.
Feeling like never before
But realizing the reality of maybe if
I just stop & starve then die.
No more worries but some serious pain
Is still here today.
So why not Party ereday.
For a memorie we can recapture to let out.
Why not just potray in silence.
Sounds like a crock of shit now that I
Think about it.
Ain't suppose to eat the shit ya need to fly
To wherever with.
Not happy with "this" pile up.

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