Monday, May 20, 2013

More Mistakes

Now back 2 is a nut a nut.
Well if you take away their purpose
They forget what cone they were
hatched from etc.
No nut can go back back
That's why the actualizations of
small details are important for
Your good.
Like what it took for your cone
to become ripe enough?
Why it's only one of you for inside?
Not always aware its time
To relate your nuttiness with
the point of living in your neck.
With my brother pines and all.
Amazingly they don't always know what my delicatesents
were once called.
For the reason our father
from a different mother
keeps hatchin' for that very reason.
Oddly enough. Never.
Or is it a corn either way it
goes we are in your throat.

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