Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another true story

When will u stop being scared of me?
When I'm working with u @ a 9-5.
Though I saw u last night on the corner with my sun
Begging for money so we could eat dinner.
9-5 folks looked at me as if they were scared for their life.
We wondered around and all the sudden lights lit up
Someone that looked like me looked @ us as he
Then said please come & see me tomorrow at noon for a job.
Me & my son showed up wearing the same clothing
with our matching hoddies that keep us warm.
All the sudden the woman that was literally looking scared at us on the corner
Walking in the business of the man that looked like me.
Looked @ him then me in silence.
"Mam do you need ur dry cleaning?"
Nervously she replied, "yes please!"
Dropped off her access.
That day I will never forget
Because I ended up hiring her the next year
@ the diner next door on the corner.
Now I knew this for my sake
So there's no way I could end my life as a scared unknowing fake being.

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