Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bumps and Holes

Leap in

To some

Where you

Have never

Been B


Some will never make it to
been yet alone b4.
Mine being locked away.
Kids not being able to at any standards.
Nor into the arms of what was meant
to be for them.

Love of humanity as a whole
but the hole dug has been filled until
further notice of no one
being able to dig out.
Counting on being discovered as a
distraction or bump in the road.

Then maybe a leap can be fathomed and get workers to dig to discover the cause in order to infuse
loyalty and humility within' the community of drivers getting new mufflers monthly paid for out
of their pocket w/ no reimburstment sent.  Just a simple lathargic why not attempt to take the
other route.

Now I can imagine
Factually going down
My street quietly and proudly
Because the truth was
Believed and not just
Leaped over like a whole
In the road never felt.

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