Tuesday, January 14, 2014


There has always been
Your Momma
Your Daddy
Before somebody wrote the manual of sexual behavioral skills.
Smart as we are
Well night came and the stars
Were shining
Beginning to collide
Sparks being seen by our eye's
Us thinking if a sun has been made for us to discover what this day has
Something and someone has literally
Opened our minds
Then we came together
No majic
Just sparks
Lightening up our revelations of life
Oh my was the word
When the world began to multiply
For the sake of
Us making one happen
Within one full day
Now lets imagine how this can be
To withstand the imagery
We made happen
Caotic as it must seem
It takes a village of days, months, years to overstand the kids we make
Pondering our everlasting loves.

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