Tuesday, April 8, 2014


There's some things I can not do
Like look @ you
And lie
Like you do me
Like's it's in your blood
Some thing u/ can't fix
For lack of know ledge
But once I'm taken tht 1st step
In tellin'
I will not be lying to you like tht anymore.
But ur a different thread
On & on your blood keeps pumpin' lies
For what I don't know
Other then your eye's are wondering why can't I just
Treat others how I wanna be treated?
To simple 4 a lying blood like you
To do.
Seems what you contain
Is who u/ be.
Lie still & go back to sleep
Only reason you need
Is you's tired.
When u/ wake up
Please get a new fabricator
Cause then there should
not be any static.
Left for u & i.

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