Monday, July 6, 2015

Am I not human? Can I not have my own right of passage?

I have been working hard
Rear end coming out with sharp shards
Both ends on fire
Cause this body is on shire

To define where I'm coming from
Step back some
What incline has come your way
We are alike automatically in the sway of giving way

Now that the bodies eruption
Has yet to find its meaningful function
The shards become sharp bits in ashes
Only to be recongnized as fascist(insult)

When items come upon us
For only us
The shit going down becomes
Outlines for "them" biting uncle toms

My bottoms on fire
You can not sit here
Unless I help my fellow brother
No matter his types of squeal

Becoming all about my right way
The excavation of my culture gave way
And the right only became opposite of the left
Not the only right decision left to make.

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