Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No{t} Enough

Not Complicated enough, right
As if the walls aren’t built high enough
\i{just} too high
Oh no we need a ladder to reach
The tall curtains of privacy
But this a loft tall unreachable is the thang
Now are we beginning to b to complicated No this ain’t  complicated enough
Their has to be more light
The light is natural but people can c
Well what if?
Your being too complicated thinking somebody cares about your \i{what if?}
Come on give me something better then that
Stay with the meaning and feeling of what your trying to get across
No the windows rite their
Let’s just solve this
What is that?
Why we should do this
How everything makes uncomplicated sense
The so we think
Issues out the I’m just not complicated as my sense tell me
To think

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