Saturday, January 8, 2011


I’m just saying why can’t I tell u why?
Cause I’m only saying
Cause I want you to know that I was sayin
Probably a couple of times but never told the right person at the time
Cause I was just saying then too
If I was out of line well it’s a legal road called I’m just saying and I don’t pay taxes out there just hang with MF who just I’m only sayin but don’t love you enough to tell when they know Why
I remember when where forced into a corner of disperse and entrapment and we’re told to don’t be too sure about what you saying and why
So I'm JUST sayin
Cause if somebody come around well I honestly don’t know why you think I would honestly know why I should’ve told the real instead of the just
I know folks who don’t deserve what’s been said and proclaimed to be an I'm just saying finally truth
Ain’t gonna hurt you none right now
We don got this far in protecting one another
Become more pure and less unsure but saying
And say what needs to be changed from just to the crust on the cherry pie

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