Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Date was 10/4/2001

Like a child at the candy store
My poet chance for a delicious date has come on this date
I realized and recognized the invite into inspiration to be realized has come over 900 miles away
But it’s still My all wanting and coming date
First, I take my shower in haste but delicately while thinking how will this come not go
While the water flows through my mind I think well it ain’t gon be one of those Flawless Delivery dates
Nor rushingly misguided dates
This may be a chance in a lifetime to Exceed with perfection
Secondly, I feel as though What an inspiring over 900 mile meeting this could be
Thirdly, what am I to say to this magnificent humble King I will secretly meet
Well in all my haste and wait and wanting and needing
Well what if I could take that 45 minute commute to think
Then sit in the park and say to one another shot look at that let’s get out that journal
And maybe step into reality of Me and You
Well I do admit my haste
Then, I take your advisement and slow down…….
This ain’t no criminal you’re looking at its only me
Oh My I’ve made it to the 900 mile mark can’t believe it to be real
Our minds and fingers connect for the first time and we come to connect these dots that you are me and I am You
Oh My this damn date
As we connect with our hands we write, draw, figure and mathematically incline into one another’s mind
Is mine heavy enough
But I am the Lady
And You sure are a Real Man with Me in the park
As my hands shake you say relax this won’t be the last date
Until Then……..

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