Sunday, March 13, 2011


I hate when I can't go to sleep
And I'm hallucinating grinding on some body
Yea I'm lonely and wet as hell
But tht's just what a woman go through when she's a Grandma and a dean mother of a few
All work and no play
I wanna of coarse be face to face with that real on the real
Mid life crisis is what I write to explain to a few
Now don't get me wrong I can hang with webcam w/ survalliance & a video or 2
Been there still doing it for you 2
Should've got out the bed and greeted u with all the words in my head a second ago
But I just layed there
And dreamed about shaking while I say what I said
Face to face is what was being bread
Mayb if I go 4 that change I can do u on youtube
But tht I see u can u see me is not for the Feds
Copy and Paste this mouth is what I would be saying
And I ain't tryin to b a bullytube
I'm a feminine young lady tryin to make space
But nobody can see a trace
C I would make me up & do my hair wit some tight flare
The only thing wrongis
Are we gonna do this Face2Face?

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