Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hows It Gonna Beee?

If I already know how it was
But I seem to tell you believe you can Beee
Who really can see who knows what when the truth of the Beee is truely who I should Beeelieve to Beee
Damn that buzz about I saw but yet I think you the magnificant Beee.
The buzzing and flapping wing hangin' to survive naturally to Beeelong
Are you a Hows it gonna Beee?
Can I tell you about your Beeeing and you Beeelieve?
Please Beeecome me for the sake of Beeeing a better you.
Mix my stingy batter with your Beeecoming you.
Cause I wanta keep my Beeeloved culture but remeber I have the right to tell you about.
You Beeeing excepted or just Beeelieving I don't no the future
Hows It Gonna Beee
Stupidity killed the Buzz

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