Saturday, April 9, 2011


I am Alive
I don't need to be verified
By You Face book
I have My own face
You say tell Me where your @ so others can locate You
And make Mooney off you
But where do I fit in this damn
That You promise Me is not so
But do I look like a robot to You
Just cause I choose to support Your " Artistic invininsion"
Don't mean You own Me to
Require Me to Give Myself and Everything I call as
Private to you
Who are You?
May I ask?
Well Know?
That this is is some damn arrogent Spam
That I have trouble with
You seem to got this this so down packed
That You plan to evict Me or
I aint gon let this get Me down
Evict Me
I have been evicted from better places this
Damn Slavery Mentality of sign over this and that or else
Cause we trying to make money off of you
But no you don't get none
Just  be lucky to be a part of
Your Face on
"my" so called book
Get some real life there was
Something more real
Before This came along
Like Some real penis or pussy face to face
As Ya see this is not what
I dig my life n2!

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