Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Red & Learned

Poppin' ain't bad.
Unless u/ have experienced this as
Negative Pressure.

When their is no reason for a solute of plessure.
"It happened."

That's like not knowing why your agitated.
"No Admittance."

Some thangs need reasoning & explaining
To make sense for yourself
To be participating.
"About Me."

Like a flood
When one comes not your way
You still got some valuable info.
If it comes accross your stuff
You end up loosing everything you own.
Somewhat Suddenly

All vibrations seem to be made
up under pressure.
"Can or Can't."

Evaluate the wave you may be in
control of.
Poppin' is a mechanism of worked over plessure
with antics(wild acts)involved.

Which generations tend to be proud of the multiple pops exspecially.
Women being one of the best reciprocals of pressure coming out just right.

I'm talking
4head painful
Heart breaking
Just right gum
Atmosphere still unknown
Still choices been made.

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