Saturday, June 1, 2013


A well done Bull shit via a bloody raw bullshitter

Rushing through the testicles to cleanse ya for morrow.

The bull is so thick
Constipation has set in

The desertion of some liquidation is strategically studied.

Seeing green becomes a non stop mountain of bullshit.

Finally the sand pebbles make the eater remember why a woman bleeds.

It's a must have to become a bullshitter w/ a healthy outcome.

No control

CVS carries big diapers for last nights obsessive compulsive raw veggie eaters.

The steam ain't gon stop the flow
Just put what ya need on & go to the back of the house
when nature calls.

Balance of protein and veggies is needed for a daily cleanse.
Like no blood means no bullshitter like u/ on this dry earth

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