Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Milky Way

My past life in some people’s eyes has been digust
And truly looked upon
As a way out of the lame
Protruding into the flame with size a’s and b’s no less no more
Nothing was aloud to be sagging
Especially when a way was given to hold the
Necessaties of long lived life
Up to the sky for help on the back
Holding the weight

Of three armies their put to stay
Until them teeth can feel what’s whole
And what’s ready to be swallowed
Everything needing a way of determination
As to we should
Understand a’s and b’s sag too inevitably
Same for me goes for you
In all essence there’s one way up and one way down
As meloncoly as that may sound
Our nature will all ways lead the way in explaining why that is so when it’s time to explain.

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