Monday, June 16, 2014

Daddies Day Muffins

Going for the first
Not straight psychology
Let's reverse it
Motions in turn
Shaking like 1/2 done
Turned suddenly
They fall but still stay
Still in the cup
The middle seems to be flattening
When the walk is hard
Momma yells boy
Go get u a woman
To tell you
How to reverse your mind
To think ahead
Not back when you weren't being straight
Without me.
Witch way do we go from here?
To the mouth or out the rear later.
Answer is
Your rears will releive you
Unless reversed
And Vomit comes straight out like shit
Fom the domesticated horses mouth.
Now bitch what's up
Not round and round
But sit your ass down.
Take this soft butter & syrup
For better results w/ your dry, flatten muffins
While You
Fix your own blacken fish first.
DIRECTIONS: It needs you,purpose,to make sense.
Have faith in your spirit.

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