Monday, November 15, 2010

Black Buziness

Black business is our business
I would think so
If you try I try
To be the giddyup
You try to be the gitmeup
We have to support one another in the mist of the 20th century
As professionals it is up to us to become top level folks
We have to ultimately stretch and go beyond
It is not the comparison thang going on
But it’s the strive for excellence thang
Think to yourself if I was over there would they except this !?
My black business wants to bring abnormal thangs in the mix that puts us back down
But we have to eagerly climb the mountain to stay at the top
This is not the home this the business
Let’s show um all that even though I’m black
My Will
Is to interact as if I’m an Egyptian that put themselves in charge of the world
Take back the way with common sense of this is also My Buziness
If so would I want My Folks to run it as so?
Save the shit till you get home
Help Me save My Black Buziness Please for the sake of our Homeland becoming Free and Professional!
Support and appreciate the Support!

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