Monday, November 22, 2010


Yes is the word that I have stood by
Yes it is true that I Am blessed daily by living the Life of the Lord
Yes it is an unbreakable word
Yes I Am sure of what this has for Me
Cause Yes it is truly in me to be sure of the Yes in my heart
Yes there are ways to understand this yes and not a maybe or no
Yes I love that’s it’s in me
Yes it’s in you
Yes we can overcome what we imagine to be the truth for the absolute truth
Yes I just came up with this today
Yes I’m glad that I Am reassured daily of what I have to know
Is yes there is always a way to comprehend things to end with a yes
Yes this is realistic and not fake cause the only way is
Yes I have The Lord of Yes in my heart
Always have through all the false maybe and might nots
Cause the assurance of this HAND FULL OF YES BEAMS
Seem to say Yes to me daily that there is always a way to feel that I am on my
Way and not just in here not knowing a way
The reason is Yes You!

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