Monday, November 8, 2010


I’m gon take this slow.
Can I get a Chance with My King?
Well He’s not Mine yet
Will He ever notice Me
I want what I want
Just can’t take any King
I need that One Chance
Is it my Circumstances?
Is it me?
What could it be King?
Can we speak on this Today?
The Chance would be so Awesome
But I can’t seem to come around
It must be Me
With no fault of mine
Do I search out other Chances?
But I only have One
But realistically if I haven’t had a Chance there could be other chances
I’m gon take this slow
This may be a Dream King
When you wake well it just turns out to be a Dream Chance
I believe in standing for what U believe
That’s all the Chance you have Queen
Slow down now take it slow
Your mind King is so intone to mine
I find myself thinking about when will be the time
Can I get some time?
Is it my circumstances?
Is it me?
Should I give you to some other kind?
Go on and get back to my mind?
And realize that I can’t have my Chance with A Man that is so inclined to treat Me as a Queen that I Am!
Is it my circumstance?
Well in this Stance My heart is pounding and sounding Hollow and ruthlessly Lonely
I do Have Me
I do need U
But under the circumstances I can’t get a Chance
To fall for U and U fall for Me
We wouldn’t have far to go u know
I have to take this slow
So I’m gon to go and Dream on My own for right now
Dream about Chance

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