Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BIGGER then Me

Life is BIGGER then Me
The BIGGER things get
The Smaller My Brain Seems
Look into the light and see
Me But Life is BIGGER then Me
Why does it seem things are EZ then HARD
But I AM Femine Not HARd
I wear stacks and dressy dresses
But My Pants do sag sometimes
For lack of a BELT around My waist
Why is BIGGER life steadily stairing Me In My eyes
I ask
Because Life is BIGGER then Me
I do no
I AM always an independent FEM making my way cause of how I was raised
I need only My Fam which is BIGGER then ME
When they are always around Me I Am Blesses daily
Why is this BIGGER life BIGGER then ME!
I want to grow to be able to Look down
And Realize the reality of
Life is BIGGER then ME!
Well I do Know but I'm not gonna tell
Why it's the BIG in ME

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