Sunday, November 7, 2010


What I meant to say
Never leaving the reason why I’m where I Am
I have to comment daily why I’m blessed to be committed
To the reason
The reasoning is in my mind
To view My life to be committed to U
U and I shall prosper through our commitment to one another
No matter why I can’t understand why I’m still here
I find a reason daily that tells me why I’m here
I search like I’m in the woods
But the way has been paved to find the valley
That I was formed in and came out of
To continuously search out my commitment to U
I will find my way back
Just look at the past path and how I got to where I Am
And the commitment has brought Me back around
And I become thankful for Your commitment
To leave that trail that I will backtrack and the path has glistening diamonds and I can not get lost
Cause the commitment has formed Me into My Valley which is My Home!
Listen for the Path which will Always answer!

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