Wednesday, January 12, 2011

True Story

The prime reason I must stay unscripted
I become only tempted
Up and down
Quickly it goes
If not attended
Well no sending
One day I deleted me being unscripted
Tried like hell to go back through this fake things that are listed
What about most recent script
That’s not the one
I’m getting close how could me just disappear
It’s weird how I could reappear but I already being taken unscripted again
But I searched a mile high and a flow gone for you
I never found so I’ll be scripted with a hue of
Never found for u but made for me scripted but yet deleted
I thought I saved you does this mean you were never me
Where are u?
That one word professed with the connection to show finesse
That one epiphany I found wondering waiting to be gifted
The one intrusion on a so precious asset that you once where taught and learned
That one reason why I can scream now in all in all
The one I can’t seem to remember how I why I deleted you to only want and need my once self back
To my delusion of my epiphanies, sycraceracies,any damn thang I want
I do recall on the real
“A Whole Slew”

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