Monday, January 31, 2011

Live (these) Words

Conversations we confidently have with one another to sooth the breeze
When it goes through and out to form a hanging like leaf on a tree
Suppose to be
But on it’s way to be fallin to form a decoration to be looked upon as dead but still there
That is what is to be formed to be racked up for next time

The branch that has a space left alive but always with a space to form another dead leaf to fall
Always relates to next season but year by year it gets worst but next better
Life sitting on a perfectly trimmed bush
Still alive but the life of the yellow leaf out seeds everything else
Succseeds the job that was done earlier to today all the fertilizer and spot treatment

Live hands pressed in the garden to form those aligned daisies that form at the brink of spring
I will speak on my garden to promote the originality of the circular motion I have formed at the driveway
My love for my hobbies exceeds my neighbors when they just shake their heads when they see me speaking
Words remind me of life changing daily and needing change and remembrance of back in the day
When all we had was an imagination and some creativity to form something that was sure to stay alive rather here or there

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