Monday, January 24, 2011


Gimme "MY" mask back plz
I thought I was ready yall
But I can't live up to this
Without no make me up
Yall got it
I need it back
Where do I go go for "returned packages"?
Help a sista out and return what I let out to be me
Me was not ready for us
Us consisted of yall judge and jury me
Ya sent me packin
What I got now
This mask that fits only when I no you lookin
But what's on when yall ain't lookin
That's what I'm sayin
I'm lost without u judging that's all I'm use to in this world of US
Now I'm placing it back on this face of mine to be more incline to within your kind
See how it helps me find your mind
For real though I need a mask or is it too late?
I think it's too late now that I am wearing "MY" Hand made kind from Me And Mine!

You may feel like mine is dirty or unkind
Take yours off and see what really is beneath your kind
before ya judge mine!

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