Monday, January 24, 2011

Might Go There

Well I just might
Go that long road to where I need to go there
I left where I was to get here
I got here and meet you

So then really I did not might show up there
Life is a long trail of aveNUES to vear off when it's time for ME
But I feel as though the track will never stop nor view me to that Heaven
Wait that's at the end

All the in betweens are wins of me deciding where is the next statue to stand me up and view me while
I will get there
That long road
That short road which will never get to the end but will send me over the edge just to try to go there

Ain't nothing perfect
My decision to leave or redecide my thought or to tell you I'm confused
But I do No One Thang is True
I'm getting there

Then I say after that I just Might change my mind about where we can go to begin to see finally an end of where to get to my dreams
I'm gonna get um if it takes me deciding and communicating with Queens from Edgypt that are Black
We were spelling before you were smelling or try to sell
Don't get me wrong I know where I'm going is where I am right now

With no second thought of my strength, intellect or originality
So it's here in my soul where I will go
I just had to ponder My heart and the beats of the drums on Fridays
The decision has been made where and who I might Go or Be in the everflowing Nile See

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