Saturday, January 22, 2011

T I V E's

Is this pro?
Yes from my pro spective
When I take a look Back
Get into my retro spective
This is always my professional adaptaption of what I’m saying
Now your intro spective may be different
That’s what brings us together to see each others perspective!
No one’s saying I’m better then you
You see your perception and I see mine
Your’s may be deeper inside your heart
Cause your perceiving this
Don’t get upset cause the T I V E’s have been thrown your way
And mine are sinking inside to find out how much of a pro You are
So now that we go back in retro space
The truth becomes I have nothing to do with how you perceive things to be
Cause that’s you’re learned pro that you’re happy with
I’m continuously looking out the window to try to understand
Where you’re coming from!

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